Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer faith project

This Summer I will be participating in a study and project to memorize God's word. I'm going to start with this verse... I gleaned it from a friend, Kay, who is hosting this study. And whether or not I can get my hands on the book they are going throug ("Celebrate Life"... the first store I went to didn't have it... so will try another store this week) I intend to do these 4" x 6" scripture memorization cards along with them.

More on this later... maybe some of the ladies at my church will want to do this with me?

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Kay said...

Beautiful work Lori, and beautiful post! Just last night I was working to typeset this very verse, and I was too tired and my eyes were too crossed. You've done the work for me - thanks! It's really beautiful kiddo, 3 really's, in fact!

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