Sunday, June 14, 2009

I simply couldn't help myself...

I'm a Catalog Tramp... that's what we call us stamp lovers who pour over the new Idea Book & Catalog endlessly and can't help but spill-the-beans to our friends ... really, as a demonstrator, I should keep my big mouth shut, build up excitement about new colors / products, then throw a big open house and serve lots of goodies to entice people to come spend their hard-earned dollars on this stuff. But NO!!! I don't have much self-control when it comes to this time of yeart.

I've been carrying this 209-page book around with me everywhere... stopping people in the office .... marking it up with my post-it tags... reading it while in church (ok, haven't actually done that yet ... ) ... looking through it for new stamp sets ... going through it for fun color combinations... going through it again, but for fun techniques ... going through it again for new accessories... I have a problem.

Anyway... here are some sneak peeks...

What's the first item you are going to buy?! As soon as I can, I'm ordering the background stamp "Medallion"... oh, pardon me, I'm drooling again. I need to find a tissue.

Stay tuned... there might just be more goodies peeking in to say "OH HI!" over the next few days. Oh, I don't know... maybe tomorrow?!

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Kay said...

I think you are doing a FABULOUS job at building the hype ... cuz I'm already loving just the cover of the new BOOK! When is the official official unveiling? (So I can control my hype-meter.)

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