Saturday, August 7, 2010

How strong are you?!

A girlfriend of mine just got some bad news, in the way of her health. She's a cheerful person... and I already see her tackling this diagnosis with vigor! She is inspiring.

The message on this stamp set is perfect for her!

So I pulled together some cheerful-looking paper (to match her personality)... and made her a card. Between the textured and smooth paper, and the slight distressing I did on the white card stock... the grace and grit in this card matches her outlook on life!

Kellye - as I pray for your health, your future, your journey, and the legacy told in the survival of this diagnosis... I know you will show us what you are made of. I love you, Kellye!


Dawn T said...

So cute~!!

Please include this in your next card making workshop!!

Lori said...

Will do! Just for you, Dawn!