Wednesday, May 9, 2007


OK - so this is more of a "had to share" than a stamping technique... but it's stamp-related none-the-less. I share it because you just never know what's going to happen on a stamp day! This one proved to be ever so uplifting... to the point that we stopped and prayed for one of the members... tears and kleenex were involved.

This weekend I held a Stamp-A-Stack and there were only 3 ladies there. One of my regular customers, one of her new friends who has been to a few events, Jodie.

The newest lady, Jodie, emailed me this today in response to a follow-up email I sent her:

"Please Lori, know that I truly enjoyed my Saturday morning with you and Lisa and Tasha. What a Divine appointment. I thoroughly look forward to another Saturday with you all. Your impact and welcome got me charged up to stamp so I came home and made a really cute card for a dear friend of ours whose husband passed earlier this year. I was so excited as it was from your knowledge and love that I was able to make such an adorable card that I know she will be truly touched by.

You're the best Lori. You have a wonderful combination of gifts of creativity and the Holy Spirit to share. I'm so blessed.

With love and gratitude,

THIS is why I share my quiet Saturday mornings w/ other women! It really truly is about the relationships! And I don't care one bit that there were only 3 people in attendance! It's what "needed to be".

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