Tuesday, February 1, 2005

TUTORIAL: 3D scallop flowers

I spy some scallop flowers!!! Oh my gosh! I just saw the new Stampin’ Up! Catalog (Fall/Winter 2008-2009) and in several samples there are these GORG 3-D flowers made from scallop circle Designer Series Paper! Holy cow – who comes up with these things?!

So, you know me… I walked straight to my table to figure out how to make them. I’m not sure if this is the official template… but here’s what worked for me.

You’ll need your scallop punch, large circle punch, adhesive, designer series paper, scissors and a jewel for embellishing inside the flower. (seen below)

Punch out 5 scallops and fold all in half. Then fold in half again.

Using your scissors, cut out one of the quadrants.

On only one of the quadrants put a touch of adhesive (I find the Tombow Multi purpose adhesive works GREAT for this type of project. And you only need a very little!)

Now, your first fold will be the UN-glued quadrant. Fold it over on top of itself. Then take the glued quadrant and fold it over on top to create this nice, neat triangle. Press down firmly to hold paper together.

I then put my index finger into the pouch to open it up like a cone. By squishing the seams of the cone between my index finger and thumb I promote prime cone shape!

Repeat until all 5 punched scallop pouches are done. Then apply some adhesive all over your blank circle punch and start layering on the DSP pouches. They will fit snugly next to each other and may slightly overlap. Press down firmly on inside of pouch to adhere to bottom circle punch.

Once all layered, apply a small amount of glue to inside middle of flower and insert jewel or other embellishment.

So, the possibilities are endless at this point. I used this on a box top (4" x 4") for a hostess gift! But what else could we use this on? Use as embellishment on a napkin ring? Use on framed art as an embellishment to the frame? Front of scrapbooks, notebooks, … oh the possibilities are endless! Have fun!

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