Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Color Challenge results!

I just took part in a color challenge. And HAD to share the results. Here are the rules: I had to use Blush Blossom and Chocolate Chip together. I could add another color if I wanted - but it had to involve the first two colors. Here's the outcome!

So I finally had a chance to use my new "Time Well Spent" set! Double duty, baby! AND, I finished a card that needs to get in the mail - finally! (If anyone else is counting - that's THREE things accomplished in a half hour, with just one card!) Wow... if only I could multi-task like this all the time!
Details, details...
Stamp set: Time Well Spent, Happy Everything
Colors: Blush Blossom, Chocolate Chip, Bravo Burgundy, Confetti Cream
Technique: Crayons blended together on confetti cream paper

1 comment:

Lori J said...

Great work! I like the way you layered the flowers. :0)