Monday, September 17, 2007

My first squash book!

For the first time in a long time I got to go to a stamp event and sit back and enjoy! And looky what I learned!!! I made my very first squash book! Now, I had seen one of these before. And I heard someone call it by name before - but no one ever showed me how easy it is to make one!!!

But I was quick on my toes. Since I knew others would like to learn this too I brought home a second set of pieces and have created a picture tutorial so I can share this with others!!! Let me know if you'd like the tutorial - I'll email it to you. Now, I certainly can't take credit for creating the product... however, I'll share my pictures and the steps I learned with ya'll.

Throw your hands up in the air and yell -- "FUN!!!"

And for those who still don't know what it is... it's a small scrapbook (about 3" x 3")... sorry haven't officially measured it. But you can make it with any two end pieces (an empty tin, old jar lids, etc) - in this instance we just used square chip board (that was covered in paper) for the front and the back. Isn't this just the perfect size for grandparent scrapbooks?!

More importantly - why didn't I already know how to make one of these?!


Lori said...

The colors are perfect for this time of year! You did a great job on it, Lori!

GinaP said...

ooh, those colors are incredible! What a classy look!! Great job, girl!

Shutterbabe Lori said...

Thanks ladies!!! I can't take credit for it... Kerri-Leigh hooked me up! However, I have a ton of my 'girls' asking how to make these. So I think a class is in order!!!

rockfestqueen said...

Wonderful job, girlie!! I'm gonna have to email you for the tutorial on this one.

Stephanie said...